I am a Communication for Development specialist with experience in producing multimedia content. SRHR Storytelling is my forte!

On June 14 2013, I lost my first child to placenta abruption- a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure. It was just two weeks after the government of Kenya initiated a policy of free maternity services in all public facilities. It started with contractions that the doctor termed ‘normal’ then culminated in bleeding. Within a few hours, I lost my baby. I urgently needed emergency surgery and blood transfusion to save my dear life. It was not funny to walk into the hospital heavily pregnant, only to walk out empty-handed with leaking boobs and a CS wound. This experience ignited my passion for advocating for maternal, newborn, and children health.

Through this blog, I will share multimedia content to empower you, my reader, with information on sexual and reproductive health issues to develop an informed, knowledgeable and responsive society and, in the process, improve health.
Do you have a story idea related to sexual and reproductive health that you want to be developed and published? Hit my inbox (Lourdes.walusala@gmail.com), and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

At Health Binder, we are committed to improving health one story at a time.

You call me Lourdes, but you will massage my heart if you call me Mama Jabali.